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Maine’s 2019 August Update

It’s the height of summer in Maine, prime time for whale watching, taking a hike along some newly opened trails or chilling out with a brewery crawl in Portland.

Maine’s 2019 July Update

It’s the heart of the busy summer season in Maine.

Maine’s 2019 June Update

Maine is more than ready for the summer tourist season.

Maine’s 2019 May Update

Maine is embracing spring this month by celebrating a world-famous craft school that changed the world of modern design.

Maine’s 2019 April Update

The first glimmers of spring are arriving in Maine. April is the month when spotting returning birds is a fantastic excuse to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

2019 Snow Report Week Fourteen

Last Maine Snow Report: Still Time for April Skiing and Snowmobiling

2019 Snow Report Week Thirteen

Epic Maine Winter with Six Months of Skiing and More Than 90,000 Snowmobile Registrations

2019 Snow Report Week Twelve

Spring is Here, But Winter Recreation Going Strong

2019 Snow Report Week Eleven

Daylight Savings Time Means Longer Days to Enjoy the Trails

2019 Snow Report Week Ten

Maine Continues to Measure Snow Cover in Feet

Maine’s 2019 March Update

March in Maine means at least another month of fantastic snowmobiling and plenty of weekends to plan a cozy winter stay at a classic inn.

2019 Snow Report Week Nine

Heading into March with Winter's Deepest Snowbanks