June 24, 2020 – Summer in Maine is spectacular, dreamy and legendary, a short yet treasured season of lobster rolls, beach strolls and morning hikes on forested trails.

Maine coastal image
The Maine coast.

This summer, Maine promises sea breezes and sailboats but it will also be different from summers past. The state will be welcoming out-of-state guests but has set up new guidelines when they come to Vacationland.

The state of Maine unveiled its Keep Maine Healthy plan this week, a multilayered strategy that offers an alternative to the existing 14-day quarantine requirement for out-of-state visitors. The plan utilizes testing as a simple and fast option to quarantine as well as increased symptom checking. The plan’s goal is to protect Maine people and visitors by reducing COVID-19 risks associated with travel, while supporting the local economy.

“We have come up with a plan that offers a unique solution to protect the health of Maine people and visitors, while allowing opportunities for safe tourism and supporting businesses,” said Maine Department of Economic & Community Development Commissioner Heather Johnson.

This is great news for out-of-state summer visitors. Maine is an extraordinarily beautiful state, beloved for its rocky coast, western mountains and cutting-edge food scene. 2020 promises to be the summer of the road trip and it will mark a return to a quieter Maine, when singles, couples and families can enjoy seaside and lakeside vacations.

For those who come to Maine to stay in classic inns, bed & breakfasts and hotels, they will be welcomed under the new guidelines. Alfresco dining will be the rule this summer, from picnic tables at lobster shacks along the coast to Portland eateries with sidewalk dining, waterside decks or garden settings.

Social distancing is easy here, since summer in Maine is, by definition, all about being outdoors. It’s an easy hike with kids in a state park or a challenging summit of one of Maine’s peaks. There’s road biking, off road biking on bucolic trails, and single-track to test any rider’s mettle. Maine is the place for sea kayaking, paddle boarding and sailing, not to mention water skiing and canoeing. The state is acclaimed for sport fishing, from casting for stripers in Casco Bay to fly fishing for trout and landlocked salmon on thousands of lakes and streams. Getting outside can be as easy as a beach walk at sunrise or sitting on a lakeside dock listening to the loons.

Maine hasn’t changed. Visitors may find that’s it a little bit quieter, a little bit slower and maybe just a little more authentic.