There's plenty of downhill skiing left to enjoy in Maine.
There’s plenty of downhill skiing left to enjoy in Maine.

MAINE – The best way to get over cabin fever is to get outside! March in Maine means it’s time to enjoy the last of winter’s best activities. With the abundance of snow the state received this year, there is plenty remaining to enjoy and as the days grow longer, there’s even more sunlight to get out into and experience this incredible winter.

  • Snowmobiling: Maine snowmobilers have been in heaven this year. Thousands of miles of trails that are designated for riders are in peak condition thanks to the great snowfall amounts. There are numerous places to rent a snowmobile and many offer professionally guided tours so everyone can find a way to take advantage of this amazing resource. According to the Maine Snowmobile Association website, the majority of the 14,000 miles of trails throughout the state are groomed and in excellent condition. 
  • Snowshoeing: If you can walk, you can snowshoe – that is what makes this one of the most popular winter sports in Maine. Modern snowshoes are extremely lightweight and allow hikers to go pretty much anywhere they like. Maine has many areas designated for snowshoeing – from golf courses and state parks, to miles of snowy beaches. Maine’s beaches can be busy in the summer but in winter you’ll find a quiet respite from the world. 
  • Nordic Skiing: An incredible workout, cross-country skiing is the best way to get warm and burn calories while enjoying Maine’s snowy winter. Maine has 21 Nordic skiing areas with groomed trails; many are dog friendly and offer warm food and drink to enjoy afterward. 
  • Winter Walks: If you want to experience winter without any equipment other than your trusty boots, head to a sandy beach. Enjoy the sun while walking the empty shores of Maine’s miles of beaches – and don’t forget your furry friend. Most of Maine’s beaches welcome dogs in the colder months. And, what about after the walk? Cozy up in front of a fireplace at one of Maine’s inns or hotels. 
  • Snowboarding and Skiing: Maine’s mountain ski resorts can still provide plenty of thrills in March and even April. Don’t miss the resorts’ fun and creative line-up of events as spring draws near. From cardboard box races at Saddleback, Sunday River’s Firefighters’ Race or the East Coast Pond Skimming Championships at Sugarloaf, it’s fun to be on a mountain in Maine.
  • Ice Fishing: There’s still time to enjoy being out on the great expanse of a freshwater lake for Maine’s “hardwater” season. Ice fishing is the perfect way to spend a day in the outdoors enjoying the longer days and the comradery of fellow fishermen. Do you know what “tankafer” means? Check out this video to find out and get a glimpse at the fun of ice fishing. 
  • Indoor Pursuits: If the great outdoors in March and April is not your thing, no problem. Check out Maine’s art, historic and cultural museums, browse galleries, shop for Maine-made products and dine in one of Maine’s many restaurants ranging from casual family diners to upscale fine dining establishments.

Regardless of your activity of choice, Maine isn’t quite ready to say goodbye to winter, so get outside and get moving! For more late winter/early spring ideas, go to  


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